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Minion Productions


Mission Statement



Minion Productions enables independent artists to produce and tour their work by assisting them with administrative and production needs, helping them develop their business skills, and by creating a community for artists to communicate and share resources.



Minion is a Seattle-based non-profit that works directly with artists that do not have the support of a large theater company. Simply put, we actually like organizing, scheduling and budgeting (well, we like it better than your average artist). We're here to help them accomplish the part of their work they often aren't good at and rarely have time to focus on  - the business side and administrative side including:

marketing, scheduling, fundraising,

finding a venue, finding designers and production team,

building and using their social media,

running front-of-house at events,

and all the other essential busy-work that often gets ignored.

Sometimes we do this by working directly on a project, sometimes we find training the artists need to do the work themselves, and sometimes we simply help find outside help that a project needs to continue.


Minion will works with artists on three levels;


Consult - Providing short term services to artists such as advice, research, training, or helping them gather the staff or resources they need  for their project.


Collaborate - Working with an artist through the entire life of a project by providing - or assisting in - the administrative, production and marketing aspects of their project.


Partner - Working with an artist on their entire season by providing or assisting in the administrative, production and marketing aspects of all of their projects until they are able to provide those services for themselves. Partners will maintain artistic control of their projects, but will have access to the resources of Minion Productions and operate under the purview of Minion's Directors.


We're a small group and we want to stay that way, so we can only work directly with a handful of artists. But we want as many touring artists as possible to join us on our forums. As we get more artists using the website, it will become a stronger resource for everyone!